Zoe and Her Pals

Zoe is lucky enough to have had a group of buddies that she’s known since she was just a wee little thing. Most of the kids we met when she was just a few weeks old through a post-natal yoga class.

When I say that Zoe was lucky, I really mean that I was lucky. Because I would be lost without their moms. When I left my job to try the stay-at-home thing, I didn’t realize how alone you can sometimes feel. But I almost immediately found these other smart, funny, supportive, lovely women who were going through many of the same struggles. So through the last two years Zoe has had Jacob, Maely, Nolan and Lily to play with and I’ve had Jen, Hilary, Christina and Kelly. They’ve helped me keep my sanity. We usually see each other several times a week.

Then, with Maely:


Then, with Nolan (on the left) :


Then, with Jacob:


Then, with Lily (who also has her hand on Jacob’s knee):


What’s really great is that now starts another round of babies.

Maely’s mom, Hilary, had Gracie two weeks before Max arrived.

Can’t wait to see their after photos! The best part: Hilary has promised to pay for their whole wedding.



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