(Cheap and Easy)Toddler Gift Guide

Braved Toys R Us the other day, and we were completely overwhelmed even though we know exactly what our toddler likes. So if you’ve put off Christmas shopping until the last minute, and you have a little one to shop for that you’re not sure what to get, let me give you some (CHEAP)  ideas based on our two-year-old’s current favorite lineup of toys:

Mr. Potatohead

Zoe spends HOURS with Mr. P. She hugs him. She kisses him. She has lost his nose.

BallsAny kind of ball is a hit around here. The more the better. This picture is of the 200 balls I purchased in a moment of weakness when I was feeling guilty about bringing a new baby home. Because 200 balls, don’t you know, makes up for a stinky new baby.

Oh Crayons. You can’t go wrong with Crayons, markers, fingerprints. But here’s the thing. Do the parents a HUGE favor and get the washable variety. They make them all that way these days. And they really do wash right off, as tested repeatedly by Zoe. The black Sharpie on our cream leather couch though? Not so washable.


My in-laws showed up with this little gem a few weeks ago. Zoe laughed so hard. She kept shouting “Stinky!” and covering her nose. She had to step on it though because she was too light to make it work if she sat on it. It was the hit for the day — with all of the adults giggling over this thing too. It can also be a hit at your house on Christmas Day. Because nothing says Christmas like loud farting noises.

There’s a start for you! Obviously each kid is different so what’s a hit at our house might not be at another two-year-old’s house. Those toddlers are fickle, I tell you.

And read this, which details the five best toys of all time. It’s a great reminder before you brave the stores in these waning days before Christmas that you really don’t need to pile up toys on these kids for them to enjoy themselves.

Here’s to happy, stress-free holidays! Now pass the nog.


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