Extreme Babies Edition

Max and Zoe had doctor appointments on the same day earlier this week. It was her two year appointment and his two month appointment.

And….the results of the big weigh in:

Zoe weighed in at a petite 23 pounds, putting her in the fifth percentile (!) of 2-year-old girls.

She’s a tiny, happy girl.

Max, meanwhile, weighed in at a hefty 16 pounds, putting him in the 95th (!) percentile of 2-month-old boys. He’s a big, happy boy.

So while Zoe still occasionally wears pants sized for 12 month olds, my sweet little baby boy is already most comfortable in six month clothes. He can wear three month clothes, but most are skin tight on him.

A comparison: We looked at Zoe’s weight chart, and she weighed 16 pounds at six months.

Also notable: We still try to squeeze Max into size 2 diapers, but they barely close across his belly. We’re just trying to use them up because we bought the big box. The size 3 diapers fit him much better. AND THAT IS THE SAME SIZE ZOE WEARS. Craziness. The doctor says not to worry about either of them. She says they both are healthy, happy babies. Just each on the extreme end of the charts. My back agrees.




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