A Toddler-Free Kind of Day

On my own today. Kind of. Zoe spent last night at her grandma and grandpa Murphy’s and we’re not picking her up until tonight. That means I am watching the Today Show unmolested this morning and without constant begging for “Mouse?” (her favorite show: Mickey Mouse Club). I have lots planned for the day. I want to get a ton done while I don’t have a toddler who is constantly exploring, questioning and moving underfoot.

Mom, I am planning on doing something I know you don't want me to do.

I’m not completely on my own: Max is with me. But he still stays in one spot and coos away happily for 45 minutes at a time while looking up at his black and white board. He doesn’t try to run away from me in the grocery store. He likes what I serve him for lunch.

Mommy, whatever you say. I know you know best.

Oh, freedom. I love that girl endlessly and have so much fun with her, but it’s nice to have a day to myself. So nice.

But in one way I suppose, it’s all about perspective. Because I have to go change Max’s diaper now.



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