A Third Panera Bread To Open in Erie


This is exciting news for me because it’s going to be close to my house. I love Panera. Apparently it’s going in near (next to?) the Breakfast Place on Peach Street. I thought this was new news until I wrote my old bosses at the Erie Times-News about it, and one of them sent me back a story about it from last August. Sigh. Guess I’m out of the loop these days.

Anyway, in case you missed that story like I did: A new Panera is coming!

My friend Christina tells me that some Panera’s have drive-thrus. For those of us with kids that would be a huge bonus. It’s exhausting to even think about dragging two kids out of their carseats, dragging them across the parking lot, jostling them through the crowds inside…t’s a lot easier just to eat at home. Even if all you have is moldy bread that you have to cut off the crusts to make edible. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

So hey! Panera people! Pay attention! We need a drive-thru. (If you want to give them your two cents about this, I found a comment form on their website here.)

The story from the Times said construction is expected to start this spring or summer.

Since I’m feeling a tad guilty about hyping a big chain, let me also say that my absolute favorite spot for bagels in town is Jo’s Brooklyn Bagels, a simple little spot in the plaza in the 800 block of West 38th Street. The woman behind the counter even has the authentic Brooklyn attitude. Which isn’t necessarily a positive. HOWEVER. Their bagels more than make up for it. You should try it — especially their sandwiches. Yumminess.

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  1. Dan says:

    Apparently there’s a Panera coming to Harborcreek too, and will be located in the new Giant Eagle plaza.

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