A February Review, in Pictures

Feb. 6

February went by in the blink of an eye, despite that extra day tacked on at the end.

It sped by for us because we had visits from all three sets of grandparents, which meant we were all spoiled. Mark and I enjoyed several date nights out without the kids, and Max and Zoe enjoyed lots of extra attention. Here’s some highlights from our month that I pulled from my Project 365 project, in which I choose a photo a day to mark the year. These are all iPhone photos:

Feb. 1, 13 weeks.
Feb. 2, Mommy and Max

 The first picture of the year that I actually appeared in! Woot! Mark took this picture.

Feb. 3, Mickey, Max and Zoe

Mickey still appears in more pictures than I do.

Then my mom arrived from Denver for a lot of play time and cuddle time with her grandkids:

Feb. 8

Feb. 9

Then it was just back to amusing ourselves:

Feb. 10

Reading to her brother.

Feb. 12

Reading to my babies.

Feb. 13

Sleeping angel baby.

Feb. 11

Crying angel baby.

Feb. 18

 Second haircut.

Hanging out with Grandma Sallie (and Grandpa Greg, who was probably at Presque Isle taking pictures when this photo was taken).

Feb. 20

Milk drunk.

Feb. 23

Play date chaos.

Feb. 25

Trying on Baba’s high heels during a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Murphy.

Feb. 26

With Grandpa Murphy, sporting the matching outfits.

Feb. 27

Happy girl, looking so grown up at a music class at the Glenwood Y. She is growing up so fast!

Feb. 29, 17 weeks.

Luckily I’ve still got this little sweetheart that likes to cuddle with me for more than 2 seconds. But probably not for much longer. He’s already quite the wiggle worm.

Now we’re ready to bring on March! Oh wait. It’s been here for a few days already. It’s not just March on the calendar: We’ve got trees budding in the yard, robins at our bird feeder and mud in the backyard. Spring is almost here!


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