Brudder and Seester Forever

 These two kids love each other. I’m sure there will be plenty of arguments, slammed doors, tattling and much gnashing of the teeth in the future, but for now I’ll take this adoration these two show for each other. Zoe fawns over her brother, giving him kisses, smothering him with hugs and including him in her play.

 Even when I’m not around Zoe dotes on him. I spied on them the other day for a minute at the YMCA when they didn’t know I was there. Zoe was playing by herself, but suddenly got up and walked over to Max, apparently just to check in.

He can’t reciprocate in those ways, but he clearly adores his big sister. His eyes follow her everywhere and when she pays attention to him he just lights up. Sometimes he starts giggling and then.

Well, then my heart is happy.


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