Project 365: March

Why hello there.

Here’s a look back at our March. Remember that lovely string of summery days? Gosh those were nice. I just heard we might get snow tonight. Yuck. But here’s my favorite pictures from that lovely month of March:

March 1: Reading.

March 3: Zoe's first theater experience.

We took her to see Fred Garbo’s Inflatable Theater Co. at Mercyhurst. We asked for aisle seats because we were a bit nervous about her sitting still for an entire show. But she loved every minute of it.

March 5: Brother and sister bonding

March 8: Daddy and his babies.

March 10: Happy 38th birthday to me!

Mark asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him sleep. He came through in a big way when he planned a surprise overnight trip to Cleveland for me, sans kids. It was lovely to get away and it was my first night of uninterrupted sleep since long before Max was born. And how did that kid do while we were away? HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. FOR THE FIRST NIGHT EVER. Um. I have to admit I was a little bitter.

March 11: First trip to Rita's, now in walking distance of our house.

March 13: Matching pedicures, courtesy of mommy.

March 14: A showdown at the Erie Zoo.

March 15: Hanging out with Daddy on the back patio.

OK. That’s enough for today. I have kids impatient for my attention. I’ll do the rest of the month tomorrow. Hopefully we won’t be digging out from snow then! Stay warm!


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One Response to Project 365: March

  1. aunt anita says:

    love love love the sunny pictures as i sit having coffee looking out at the snow falling
    thinking of all the things i need to do today and can’t get moving maybe sunshine on
    your blog will help love aunt anita

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