Project 365: Marching On

Part two of March:

March 16: Clean baby.

March 18: Playground!

This was Max’s first time in a swing — he loved it. The next time he was in a swing, he fell asleep which was super cute.

March 20: Beach Day

Oh, those warm days were so nice. They’ll be back.

March 21: Sunset at Presque Isle

This was that perfect 80 degree day. Mark got the day off work and we spent the entire day outside  – we went to the zoo, our patio, the beach for a sunset picnic. It was glorious. I have a ton of pictures from that day. I meant to do a blog entry, hopefully I’ll get to it one of these days. But this was my favorite picture of that day, though it has a funny story. Originally it looks like I have a very large penis in this photo. It was actually my belt. I edited it out. But it’s pretty funny.

March 24: Sesame Street Live

We got a sitter for Max this day so that it would be a special day out for Zoe. After the show we agreed that next year we’d get a sitter to take the kids. Please don’t make me go again.

March 29: My babies

I’ve got an 8×10 of this picture ordered and it’s my new screensaver on all my devices. This is my favorite from the whole month. My sweeties.

As usual, all the pictures were taken with my iPhone4. Most took a run through Instagram and the ones that include multiple photos were done with an app called Diptic. Project 365 is an app in which you record one picture a day for a year. To see January and February’s pictures go here and here.

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