The Invasion of the Butterflies

Sunday started rainy and cold. Then, post-naps, we stepped outside to a gorgeous late afternoon. Zoe and I played by our corner crabapple tree, which was in the zenith of its flowering that day. What I didn’t realize until we were directly underneath it was the tree was alive with butterflies. And they seemed to be multiplying by the minute. There were hundreds of them flitting through the air, feeding on the flowers and even coming to land briefly on Zoe’s shirt.

We ate dinner out on our patio that night and butterflies were everywhere around us, chasing each other, dive bombing us and exploring all the trees and flowers in the yard. It was fantastic. I found out later they were migrating Red Admiral butterflies. Some experts are speculating the warm winter is to credit for their huge numbers this year. We weren’t the only ones to experience the butterfly explosion. Read about Red Admirals taking over Chicago here, and parts of Ohio and Presque Isle here.

The butterflies were back again the next night, though not nearly as many. Zoe loved them and chased them all over the yard. She came nose-to-nose with a few:

They seem to have moved on for the most part now, but they made for two memorable nights. As Zoe said, “come back bu’fly!” Come back anytime!



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