First Tastes

We didn’t start Zoe on solids until she hit exactly six months, the recommended age of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Here’s Zoe trying her first bananas:

Doesn’t look like she’s enjoying them much, eh? She wasn’t.

But Max was a different story. We’d noticed he was watching us anytime we ate. Actually, watching isn’t really an accurate descriptor. He would stare at us with such intensity and desire that we felt downright rude eating in front of him. He grabbed our plates and silverware. He drooled (though it’s hard to say if that was related to wanting food).

So one night a few weeks ago we finally gave in and offered the poor little guy a smashed up banana. He liked it. So much that he tried to eat the table to get more banana.

What’s funny about this is that my brother also loved bananas so much he chased one around the table 26 years ago:

In the days since his first banana, Max — who turns six months next week — has enjoyed tastes of avocado, grapes, hamburger, cauliflower, edamame and more banana. He’s turned his nose up at nothing. He seems to know how to use a spoon. On occasion he’s screamed and cried big crocodile tears when we decide he’s had enough. Meanwhile I’m lucky to get a bite or two of dinner down his older sister. But I think soon enough Max will be happy enough to clear his plate. And hers.

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  1. sarah says:

    Jeri’s nephews did just that… The younger one would eat all of his own food, then eat all of his older brother’s food too (bc the older brother ate like 3 bites & would be done).v :)

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