The Battle of the Orange

So Zoe the Princess  has decided that she wants to be picky about what goes in her mouth. That means that she won’t let deliciousness like strawberries, tater tots and oranges pass her lips. This is despite the fact that she chews on olives, sucks on pickle spears and has devoured calamari.

Somewhere I know I read that if you give a kid something 13 times that they will like it. So even though I can’t remember where I read this and have no idea if it’s true, the orange has become a lunch and dinner staple on Zoe’s placemat.  I just give her one plump, juicy yummy-looking segment of a mandarin orange. And every day, she doesn’t even taste it. She just squishes it around and then throws the mess on the floor.

We’re way over 13 tries, but I won’t give up.

On Friday, I took her picture after I gave her the orange. I thought this was going to be the day. She came so close to putting it in her mouth. Look how happy she looks? See, she really wants to taste it. Yummmmmy, Zoe. Come on. Go for it!

But then, she let that no-good-terrible-awful orangeness touch her lips:

And then, the orange was gone. Sacrificed like so many before it.

Splat on the kitchen floor.

We’re going to try again today.

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One Response to The Battle of the Orange

  1. Jenny says:

    Yes! They say at least a dozen times. Gracie won’t eat potatoes. Not mashed, baked (fried, yes)…. it’s so strange! But I keep making them and keep giving them. She will eat chick peas, peas, broccoli, hummus, any kind of fish…. but not mashed potatoes. Hmph.

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