My Baby Boy is 1!

We had a lovely birthday with Maxie Friday. Mark took the day off work, and we had French toast (a Max favorite), followed by a visit to the Experience Children’s Museum, followed by naptime, followed by dinner with his grandma and grandpa Murphy at Skippereno’s (Max and Zoe’s favorite).

We decided not to have a traditional party, but we still went all out for the little guy:

I loved my banner. I got the letters from here. They’re free, in case you want to do your own.

Zoe and I made this awesome cake. I was so impressed with myself. I sometimes call Maxie my “Very Hungry Caterpillar” because he eats so much and eats EVERYTHING, which made this a perfect cake.

Another highlight: Our visit to the museum.

Where’s Zoe? She is pathetic at hide and seek. But funny.

After a break in the fun for afternoon naps (for all four of us) Grandma and Grandpa Murphy came to visit in time for dinner at Skippereno’s. Maxie had as much fun as we hoped.

Then, of course, home for caterpillar cake!

(awesome birthday plate from my Auntie Annie. Both kids have one. We love them so much we leave them out all year round!)

We were all concentrating on Max and no one was paying attention to Zoe. She took advantage of that situation by chowing down.

Happy, happy birthday to our baby boy. He had such a great birthday that he needed a sponge bath at the end to clean up. He still had orange eyebrows when I put him to bed. 

Note to Mark: Orange eyebrows equal a successful birthday in my book any year.

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