About Us!

Hi! Welcome to my family’s blog. I am Kara, a longtime newspaper reporter who left the profession in 2009 to stay at home with my daughter (who has since been joined by our son).  I had a hard time giving up the whole writing thing, so this is one of my new outlets. Thanks for humoring me by visiting. I hope you come back often.

About my family:

I met Mark, my wonderful husband, in 2007. We married just 18 months later, in August 2008. It was a whirlwind, and life since has been too, considering we’ve had two kids during just three and a half years of marriage. That means we don’t travel as much as we used to. And we go to bed a lot earlier. But other than that, our relationship is intact and I still adore the guy I fell in love with — the guy who makes me laugh, gets me pickles on my sandwiches and also hates raw tomatoes. Oh yeah, and we met on eHarmony which I still find embarrassing but he tells everyone so I guess I should get over it already.  He also plays bass  with the Duke Sherman Band, a group of great guys who are incredibly talented blues musicians. I might be biased, but they really are: They won Erie’s best blues band in 2009 and 2010. He is also an amazing father and I love watching him and Zoe play at the end of the day.

Zoe was born in December 2009. She is our little sweetheart. A sweet-tempered, curious,   smart and beautiful little girl we enjoy (almost) every moment with her. She adores (sometimes too much) her little brother, playing with her daddy, playing with our iPhones, and her Potatoheads. She sleeps with Mickey (at least this week) and likes juice after her nap. Now that she’s two, if she doesn’t get her way she throws herself on the ground in a great heaving drama of emotion. She has us all wrapped around her little finger. She calls me “baba” and gives me great hugs. She amazes me every day by how fast she is learning. I really must start watching my language.

Max is our newest addition. He was born in Nov. 2011, which makes him just 10 weeks old as of this writing. He is my baby, and I love him with all of my heart. He has the most amazing smile — it shines through his eyes. He’s the last baby we’re planning on having, and I now understand why the baby in the family gets away with anything. I can’t wait to watch his personality blossom. And I can’t wait for him to start sleeping through the night.

6 Responses to About Us!

  1. susan black says:

    Hi Kara,

    LOVE the pix of Gramma Murphy!!! I woman with attitude… And this blog is impressive. So glad I can keep up with the adventures of Kara and Zoe!


  2. Gregory L. Rhodes says:

    Dear Kara: Don’t ever publish any photos of me without letting me see them first. Love, Dad PS That goes for Sallie, too. PPS I vote for this as “Best Blog by Blues Guitarist Wife in Erie.” PPPS mmmmmussels. What is the best wine to drink with mmmmmmussels?

  3. Kara says:

    Dear Dad: Don’t tempt me. Cuz I have some doozies.

  4. Dear Zoe,

    Tell your mom and dad to bring you to the 8 th Annual Maple Taste and Tour on March 19 and 20 from 10 am to 4 pm and to also take you to the Edinboro Fire Hall for music and pancakes from 9 am to 3 pm. You’ll love the Hurry Hill sugarhouse and love all the kids activities in the museum. Hope to see you then!! Lots of kids come back year-after-year with their parents and make it a family tradition!! Make sure to dress warmly and wear boots!!

    You know what makes good maple syrup?? MUD and SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best to all and a hug to your mom for staying home to play with you!!!


    Jan Woods

  5. Jim Haynes says:

    Kara, great blog. You are an amazing woman. Your daughter is beautiful and full of character. I would complement your husband, too, but I’ve never met him. All I can deduce is that he has great taste. Looking forward to reading more. Jim

  6. Kara says:

    Hey Jan! We will definitely try to make it…I need to look at a calendar, but I think we are free that weekend. I’d love to see you and visit Hurry Hill.
    Jim: Thanks! She’s pretty great. Your grandkids look pretty special too. Maybe we can have a playdate this summer with River and Zoe!

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